NEWS & TOPICS announces the Cyber Sports Complex


Jan. 26. In collaboration with industry, has announced the Cyber Sports Complex (CSC) initiative, which aims to bring together sports science with information and data science. In anticipation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, has been taking part in the Sports Research Innovation Project (SRIP). Graduate School of Medicine Prof. Ken Nakata, who specializes in sports medicine, is leading the effort. The goals are to bring a wide range of scientific disciplines including engineering and information science along with industry cooperation to advance the basic research and clinical application of sports medicine. Collecting an exhaustive data set from many athletes and analyzing it using AI, the team of scientists aims to understand how experience and intuition contributes to performance. The Minoh Campus and the Kansai Sports Heath Care Center are planned to host CSC research. The next few years will see major international sporting events coming to Japan, including the 2019 Rugby World Cup, 2020 Olympic Games, and the 2021World Masters Games. To support these events, CSC will be working with many of the sporting facilities in the Osaka region that will play as hosts. Combining the medical sciences with big data science and ICT (information and communications technology) is expected to enhance athlete performance in these competitions and also to have a positive impact on general health for all of society. Through university research, CSC is designed to improve health through sports by working closely with partners in the Kansai region. These partners include local governments, corporations and others.

 Photo: Prof. Nakata speaking at the symposium

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