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  1. T.Okada, M.Fujita, S.Shimada, K.Sato, P.Schloss, Y.Watanabe, Y.Itoh, M.Tohyama, T.Nishimura. Assessment of affinities of beta-CIT, beta-CIT-FE, and beta-CIT-FP for monoamine transporters permanently expressed in cell lines. Nucl Med Biol. 25:53-58, 1998.
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  4. Y.Ito, T.Uehara, K.Fukuchi, E.Tsujimura, S.Hasegawa, T.Nishimura. Comparison of dual-isotope acquisition of 201Tl and 99mTc-tetrofosmin for the detection of ischaemic heart disease and determination of the optimal imaging time of 99mTc-tetrofosmin. Nucl Med Comm. 19:119-126, 1998.
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  6. T.Okada, S.Shimada, K.Sato, Y.Kotake, H.Kawai, S.Ohta, M.Tohyama, T.Nishimura. Tetrahydropapaveroline and its derivatives inhibit dopamine uptake through dopamine transporter expressed in HEK293 cells. Neurosci Res. 30:87-90, 1998.
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  8. K.Imahashi, K.Hashimoto, H.Yamaguchi, T.Nishimura, H.Kusuoka. Alteration of intracellular Na+ during ischemia in diabetic rat hearts: The role of reduced activity in Na+/H+ exchange against stunning. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 30:509-517, 1998.
  9. K.Fukuchi, H.Kusuoka, K.Yutani, S.Hasegawa, T.Nishimura. Assessment of reperfused myocardium using a new ischaemia-avid imaging agent, technetium-99m HL91: Comparison with myocardial glucose uptake. Eur J Nucl Med. 25:361-366, 1998.
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  11. T.Nakano, K.Kobayashi, R.Hosoi, S.Wakahara, Y.Watanabe, T.Nishimura, O.Inoue. Effects of the GABAergic system on in vivo binding of [3H]N-methylspiperone. Neuropharmacology. 37:375-381, 1998.
  12. T.Nishimura, K.Fukuchi, K.Hayashida, Y.Hirose, B.Iwamoto. Decreased hippocampal blood flow related to memory impairment after cardiovascular surgery: Assessment by reconstructed SPECT parallel to the longitudinal axis of the hippocampal formations. Clin Nucl Med. 23:356-360, 1998.
  13. H.Moriwaki, M.Matsumoto, K.Hashikawa, N.Oku, M.Ishida, Y.Seike, K.Fukuchi, M.Hori, T.Nishimura. Iodine-123-iomazenil and iodine-123-iodoamphetamine SPECT in major cerebral artery occlusive disease. J Nucl Med. 39:1348-1353, 1998.
  14. T.Shimonagata, S.Nanto, H.Kusuoka, T.Ohara, K.Inoue, S.Yamada, Y.Nishimura, T.Matsubara, M.Hori, T.Nishimura, S.Kubori. Metabolic changes in hibernating myocardium after percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty and the relation between recovery in left ventricular function and free fatty acid metabolism. Am J Cardiol. 82:559-563, 1998.
  15. Inoue, K.Kobayashi, N.Takai, Y.Furusawa, K.Ando, T.Nakano, T.Nishimura. An increase in [3H]QNB binding by proton-beam irradiation in intact rat brain: An apparent positive cooperatively of binding. Neurosci Lett. 25:33-36, 1998.
  16. T.Nakano, K.Takatoku, Y.Matoba, B.Iwamoto, M.Nishiura, O.Inoue, T.Nishimura. Enhancement of in vivo binding of [123I] b-CIT by MK-801 in rat brain. Synapse. 30:402-408, 1998.
  17. T.Nishimura, S.Nishimura, T.Kajiya, H.Sugihara, K.Kitahara, K.Imai, T.Muramatsu, N.Takahashi, H.Yoshida, T.Osada, K.Terada, T.Ito, H.Naruse, M.Iwabuchi. Prediction of functional recovery and prognosis in patients with acute myocardial infarction by 123I-BMIPP and 201Tl myocardial single photon emission computed tomography: A multicenter trial. Ann Nucl Med. 12: 237-248, 1998.
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  19. H.Nonogi, S.Miyazaki, Y.Goto, Y.Ishida, T.Uehara, T.Nishimura. Efficacy and limitation of F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography during fasting to assess myocardial viability in the acute phase of myocardial infarction. Jpn Soci Internal Med. 37:653-661, 1998.
  20. K.Sakamoto, Y.Yamasaki, S.Nanto, T.Shimonagata, T.Morozumi, T.Ohara, Y.Takano, H.Nakayama, K.Kamada, S.Nagata, H.Kusuoka, T.Nishimura, M.Hori. Mechanism of impaired left ventricular wall motion in the diabetic heart without coronary artery disease. Diabetes Care. 21:2123-2128, 1998.
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