The Consortium of Universities and Institutions in Japan(CUIJ)

Department of Nuclear Medicine and Tracer Kinetics, Graduate School of Medicine, 2-2 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka, 565-0871, JAPAN

Activity plan

  • Workshop in 2019
    1) Workshop-Hands on-Nuclear neurology
    Jul 29-Au 2, 2019 (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Dr. Matsuda)
    2) Workshop / hands on training on Cardiac multimodality imaging
    Sep 30- Oct 4, 2019 (Hokkaido University, Prof. Shiga)
    3) Workshop on Paediatric Nuclear Medicine
    Dec 2-6, 2019 (Kanazawa University, Prof. Kinuya)
    4) Workshop on PET/CT and PET/MRI for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning
    Dec 9-13, 2019 (National Cancer Center, Dr. Fujii)
  • Scientific visits in 2019
    1) SV on Neurology
    Jul 22-26, 2019 (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Dr. Matsuda)
    2) SV on Hybrid imaging
    Nov, 2019 (Tohoku University and Southern Tohoku Research Institute for Neuroscience)
    3) SV on Streamlined and New Radiopharmaceutical.
    Nov 25-29, 2019 (Kanazawa University, Prof. Kinuya)
  • Workshop in 2020
    1) Regional Training Course on Cardiac SPECT, SPECT/CT and PET/CT in Clinical Practice Jun 24-28, 2020 (Fujita Health University, Prof. Toyama)
  • Scientific visits in 2020